One of the problems that comes from defeating a supervillain is finding a way to imprison them. A normal maximum security prison would be sufficient to imprison regular criminals and supervillains who have no powers and rely on gadgets. However, a normal prison would be useless when it comes to containing a supervillain with powers because there would be no conventional means to counter their powers and their mentality would make them too unpredictable to anticipate. Therefore, how do you imprison a supervillain with powers? As the DC Comics character Amanda Waller put it in the Suicide Squad trailer, the ideal way to contain a supervillain would be to “put them in a hole and get rid of the hole.” With this in mind, how would you give the supervillain in question no means of escape once they are incarcerated? In my fourth short story, one of the main character’s powers will provide the Young Guardians a means to contain their defeated enemies, which they will use in the years to come. I will not say what form of containment this character’s power will provide, but it will be an effective system that would make any prison proud.


  1. Way back when Krypton was still a functioning planet with a population, they incarcerated their worst fiends in “The Phantom Zone”. Theoretically, there was no escape until the term of imprisonment was completed. Of course, we know that Zod and his hench-people managed to get out, but that was by a fluke—- it isn’t every day you have an exploding elevator go off at the same moment your phantom-zone cell just happens to pass by.

    Other than that— the only other kind of restraints I’ve heard of that worked was a type of handcuff that used the energy of the prisoner to keep the prisoner from escaping.

  2. I would say it depends on your tyoe of storage. A special prison designed specifically for superpowered villains is a good choice. In the cartoon series “The Spectacular Spider-man”, Spider-Man’s baddies all had jail cellsa specifically to counter their powers (Rhino’s would suck the air out and suffocate him if he attempts to escape for example).

    Another option could be a collar that “turns off” their powers. A collar was used in Wolverine and the X-Men that turned of mutant powers when worn. Young Justice also used a collar in one episode that took place in a super prison.

    Those are the best two options i see.

  3. I go with capital punishment for “uncontainables”. In other words, if you will not submit to justice willingly, and justice cannot make you submit on a reliable basis, you have effectively become a continuous threat to society. To end that threat I can easily see governments issuing “death warrants” on superpowered villains.
    However, my take on superpowers is a much more lawful one, with most superheroes (in the USA at least) employed by a Federal, State, County or Municipal body as police. A death warrant would thus be the end result of a murderer being tried in absentia and a capital verdict reached, and the superpowered police would then have orders to carry out that legal verdict should they have the opportunity.

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