The very first superhero film I ever saw was The Rocketeer by Disney. When I was a kid, it had a significant impact on me because it portrayed an underdog being given a chance to punch the forces of evil in the face. I liked the fact that the film took place in 1938, which was when the Golden Age of the superhero comic books first began. It was this film that first got me interested in the superhero genre. In addition, Alan Arkin has been one of my favorite old school actors because he would usually play the wise man and I liked him in this film as much as his roe in The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Timothy Dalton made an excellent villain even though he was briefly James Bond, who is an iconic hero. Jennifer Connelly did a great job playing a stronger and more confident version of the damsel in distress role. Finally, Bill Campbell, who I never heard of before seeing this film, was an ideal choice to play the unlikely hero who started from nothing only to find a device that made him extraordinary. I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking a superhero story that thoroughly depicts the purity of the American spirit in the face of great darkness.


  1. The first heroic film but also the most traumatizing heroic film to me was the Brave Little Toaster.

    I mean, good God, I re-watched it and it’s really screwed up!

    I’m not sure it made me heroic so much as it made me the patron saint and savior of unwanted house hold appliances so they don’t meet their untimely demise feeling scared and lonely in a junk yard. Omg.

    I thought for a long time toasters and lamps had feelings. My parents sold their van when I was in kindergarten and I literally lost my mind in a nervous psychological breakdown.

    Now that I think of it, somebody needs to get sued for making my childhood so traumatic.

    On the other hand there was Zorro and Batman. I used to get on my bouncy horse and tie a black towel around my neck and my grandmother would put eyeliner on my upper lip as a mustache.

    Then there was Robin Hood. Then Batman the TV show.

    Wow. Dude, now I realize why I have such an issue with authority figures… Enjoy wearing the color black and rebelling against the status quo and fighting for the underdog as an outcast.

    And people who paint their faces like clowns. I really… Really… do not like clowns. They all must be destroyed. This post really made me think…. Lol! Thank you for that!

    Theo Lauren Simón


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