As I write the second chapter of my third short story, I have decided to some additional details to Vogan’s character development. In the distant past, he was the only person to possess superhuman abilities. As a result, his neighbors having varying opinions about him. Some would view him as a miracle while others would feel uncomfortable around his powers. These two conflicting opinions people have about him will play a significant role in Vogan’s transformation into the main villain of the series.


I have started the second chapter of my third short story, which will depict the origins of the main villain of my series, Vogan. It will illustrate how Vogan had spent his teenage years in the last Ice Age 30,000 years ago. In real life, Homo Sapiens utilized spears, arrows, and teamwork to take down prey items such as mammoths, wooly rhinoceros, and Megaloceros (giant elk). Because Vogan is a neohuman, his methods of hunting food are considerably different and require rather unexpected techniques. In addition, while depicting Vogan in the present, it will be revealed that despite his god complex, Vogan believes in a higher power and the source of that higher power comes in the most unlikely form imaginable. In future chapters, we will see what Vogan does during his free time when he is not running his syndicate or conspiring against the world.


I have started my third short story, which will elaborate on the origins of the main villain of my series, Vogan. This story will shift from the present to the distant past from Vogan’s point of view, demonstrating how his experiences molded him into the mastermind that he is today. Since Vogan was born over 30,000 years ago during the last Ice Age, I was able to utilize something I haven’t in many years. Before I started my writing career, my original ambition was to be a paleontologist, someone who studies prehistoric times. Throughout my youth, I had acquired vast quantities of information about prehistory to the point in which my teachers and peers called me a prehistory encyclopedia. Because of my autism, I never forgot all that information I had learned and I am now able to apply it into my writing. I will use my knowledge of prehistory to describe the world Vogan was born into and what he was like during his youth. I have started the first chapter and it illustrates what Vogan was doing in the immediate aftermath of volume three and when his ancient mind drifts to the distant past, we get to see the day he was born and how he gained his powers as a neohuman in the first place.


For the longest time, I have been fascinated by the beautiful aspects of human culture. I have indulged in many of these attributes ranging from books, museums, plays, films, music, elegantly crafted food, and art. In each of these practices, I have witnessed the positive side of the human soul and strongly believe that this side with worth preserving. Whenever I watched a play, listened to music, or tasted classic food, I could feel a powerfully warm sensation pierce my heart to its core. As this sensation envelopes me, I can feel a certain lightness in my spirit as though I could fly. At the same time, I fear what would happen if human civilization was suddenly wiped out and all of this beautiful culture disappeared forever. If I was to save the world from destruction, one of the main things I would do would be to preserve our artistic legacy so that all of this soul and elegance wouldn’t be lost to oblivion. My next short story will demonstrate what role all of this culture will play in Vogan’s master plan and the outcome of volume five. Not only will this new short story be the origin story of the main villain of my series, but it will illustrate how the positive aspects of human culture had influenced Vogan and his plan. Even though he is the main villain, there are some parts to him that will surprise you.


I have big news! I have just finished writing my second short story! After going over the plot, I am pleased at how this new short story connects the dots between the other short stories and the main series. Now, I shall begin the next short story and continue to expand my own superhero universe. I am looking forward to sharing it with you and I will keep you updated.


I am almost done with my second short story and have reached the final chapter. In this chapter, a game-changing event occurs that sets the stage for the fourth volume of my series. It will be an event that will grant the Young Guardians the numbers they will need for their final battle in volume five. Also, the supervillain of this short story leaves behind a cryptic warning about the reasons behind the aftermath of volume three. According to him, the reason why or how neohuman activity is explosively increasing is worse than anyone can ever imagine. This is indeed the case as the fifth volume will reveal in the near future.


One of the most evil forces in fantasy has always been dark magic. Dark magic has been the weapon of choice of countless shadow creatures ranging from sorcerers, dark elves, vampires, and so on. This sinister form of magic could be utilized to inflict unimaginable pain, transform beings into abominations, or even raise the dead. Overall, this unnatural practice can create things that only exist in your most terrible nightmares and must never see the light of day. In my third short story, the supervillain will wield this malevolent power. I am getting goosebumps simply thinking of the horrors they will attempt to unleash in the third short story.