As I continue to write my third short story, I seek out more inspiration and information in order to better understand the world Vogan was born in. I visited the La Brea Tar Pits today and I have gained considerable insight. Here is an artist’s view of the Pleistocene, which was the era the main villain of my series, Vogan, was born.

2 thoughts on “THE LA BREA TAR PITS”

  1. Grady, I’ve been exploring your site and reading tonight. First, however, thanks for stopping by my book review blog, Puddletown Reviews, and choosing to follow along. I am also a writer and my writing site is at

    This artist’s interpretation is amazing. I’m intrigued by the books you write and wish my grandsons were not beyond the age group you indicated in your interesting interview on YouTube. The older of our two grandsons, age 21, is also on the high spectrum of autism. Unfortunately, he did not receive the help, support, and encouragement that you have, and he struggles with life. His grandfather and I live 2200 miles away from his home, and we couldn’t be there to make a difference.

    Your family must be very proud of your successes, and I wish you continued writing success!

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