I have started my third short story, which will elaborate on the origins of the main villain of my series, Vogan. This story will shift from the present to the distant past from Vogan’s point of view, demonstrating how his experiences molded him into the mastermind that he is today. Since Vogan was born over 30,000 years ago during the last Ice Age, I was able to utilize something I haven’t in many years. Before I started my writing career, my original ambition was to be a paleontologist, someone who studies prehistoric times. Throughout my youth, I had acquired vast quantities of information about prehistory to the point in which my teachers and peers called me a prehistory encyclopedia. Because of my autism, I never forgot all that information I had learned and I am now able to apply it into my writing. I will use my knowledge of prehistory to describe the world Vogan was born into and what he was like during his youth. I have started the first chapter and it illustrates what Vogan was doing in the immediate aftermath of volume three and when his ancient mind drifts to the distant past, we get to see the day he was born and how he gained his powers as a neohuman in the first place.


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