For the longest time, I have been fascinated by the beautiful aspects of human culture. I have indulged in many of these attributes ranging from books, museums, plays, films, music, elegantly crafted food, and art. In each of these practices, I have witnessed the positive side of the human soul and strongly believe that this side with worth preserving. Whenever I watched a play, listened to music, or tasted classic food, I could feel a powerfully warm sensation pierce my heart to its core. As this sensation envelopes me, I can feel a certain lightness in my spirit as though I could fly. At the same time, I fear what would happen if human civilization was suddenly wiped out and all of this beautiful culture disappeared forever. If I was to save the world from destruction, one of the main things I would do would be to preserve our artistic legacy so that all of this soul and elegance wouldn’t be lost to oblivion. My next short story will demonstrate what role all of this culture will play in Vogan’s master plan and the outcome of volume five. Not only will this new short story be the origin story of the main villain of my series, but it will illustrate how the positive aspects of human culture had influenced Vogan and his plan. Even though he is the main villain, there are some parts to him that will surprise you.

4 thoughts on “CONCEPT: CULTURE”

  1. Wow! You really have a passion for the arts! I wish everyone could appreciate creative things like you do. It seems like people have gotten so wrapped up in technology and being “logged in” that things like art, theater and literature have become under appreciated.

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