One of the most evil forces in fantasy has always been dark magic. Dark magic has been the weapon of choice of countless shadow creatures ranging from sorcerers, dark elves, vampires, and so on. This sinister form of magic could be utilized to inflict unimaginable pain, transform beings into abominations, or even raise the dead. Overall, this unnatural practice can create things that only exist in your most terrible nightmares and must never see the light of day. In my third short story, the supervillain will wield this malevolent power. I am getting goosebumps simply thinking of the horrors they will attempt to unleash in the third short story.

One thought on “CONCEPT: DARK MAGIC”

  1. hello, I was just stopping by to read your post and you have me hooked. I love reading just as much as I love writing I’m looking forward to reading more from you Sir I hope that you can help me out in the literary world. That’s the field I want o go in well, actually journalism but, eventually settle down and actually publish something. Thank you for following my blog it means the world to me I’m one of your fans hopefully one day you will be one of mine. Have a blessed day.

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