As my series progresses, one of the many themes it will be exploring will be the psychology of the race known as neohumans. As explained by some of my previous posts, neohumans are people with superhuman abilities and are immortal in the sense that they do not physically age and they cannot get sick. Since they are immortal, neohumans are permanently in the prime of their youth and at their physical peak. However, what interests me is how their immortality and powers would affect their psychology as they mentally age. The main characters of my series, the Young Guardians, only possessed their powers for over three years and are only in their late teens. They have only scratched the surface of their mental transformation and they have already greatly changed as characters over the course of the series. On the other hand, the main villain of the series, Vogan, is well over 30,000 years old and being the most powerful neohuman ever to exist had changed him into a cold and analytical individual with a god complex and little to no sense of empathy. For the moment, it is unknown if the Young Guardians will become callous individuals as they get older or if something else will happen to them, but there will be a considerable surprise at the end of the fifth volume of the series.

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