It is another day in Las Vegas and after examining every aspect of this town, I realize how Las Vegas got its famous nickname: Sin City. All of its attractions revolve around the Seven Deadly Sins. The casinos represent greed, the buffets represent gluttony, the lounges and pools represent sloth, the boxing matches represent wrath, the strip clubs represent lust, the high rolling gamblers represent pride, and the low rolling gamblers represent envy. With this information in mind, I believe I can use it for inspiration for the villain the Young Guardians face when they visit this city.

5 thoughts on “SIN CITY ANALYSIS”

  1. I lived in Vegas for about 10 years, and you are not far off. Pride might fit better with the upper-end casino execs or the pit bosses in the bigger casinos. All I ever saw from the high-rollers (“whales” is the term affectionately used) was greed greed and more greed. These guys were millionaires and still took the robes and towels when they left. If you’re into it at, all wrath might fit with MMA too. That’s UFC HQ, the Fertitta brothers that own all the station casinos also own the UFC.

  2. Yeah unfortunately the seven deadly sins find their way into society. If Sin City inspires the bad stuff for the Young Guardians, I’d suggest the heroes possessing the countering seven virtues: faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.

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