Imagine if you could become aware with anything and everything around you. If you literally knew everything, there wouldn’t be anything that could surprise you. A mere glimpse of this ability could consist of unlimited telepathic abilities, being able to perceive the past, present, and future simultaneously, or knowing their opponents move before they do it and counter it accordingly. That would definitely be only the tip of the iceberg when you wield all the knowledge in existence. This godlike power will play a significant role in the Young Guardians’ final battle against the main villain, Vogan. For the moment, the wielder of this power will remain a mystery. However, despite its seemingly invincible appearance, I believe that this form of omniscience would have some form of limitation or weakness in order to make the showdown more interesting. I will not reveal what form this limit will take, but it will definitely serve as a game-changer. All of this will take place in the fifth volume of my series and I am already looking forward to writing it.


  1. This is great. Keep on writing and all the best with inspiration and great genius ideas!

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