In my earlier posts, I described how a utopia would play a role in my sequel trilogy and the fifth volume of my series. With this in mind, I plan to portray the opposite of a utopia in both my fourth and fifth volumes. In the fourth volume, something cataclysmic happens in the Young Guardians’ battle with their latest enemies that causes the planet to be all but ruined and society on the verge of collapse. Because this dystopia would be heavily infested with disorder and chaos, it would be the perfect working environment for superheroes such as the Young Guardians and their allies. This ruined world will be the stage for the final battle between the Young Guardians and Vogan and his army. However, the events that will lead up to this dystopia would simultaneously pave the way for the utopia that will appear at the end of the fifth volume.

4 thoughts on “CONCEPT: DYSTOPIA”

  1. Dear Brady, I’m so glad that you got that gauntlet of forms, a new password and for your new follower to have to choose Gravatar if they want to talk to you. I don’t think I want it? Gosh how many books you written?

  2. Heroic adventures in dystopias and utopias are always fun to read, especially when done together as adversaries in a series. They have a specific universal structure and rhythm that anyone from any background can understand. Classic Good vs. Evil.
    It isn’t for every reader, but almost every reader can surely understand it. And that’s very important for an author, making his work universally understandable.
    And the critics will bemoan how cliche and overdone Good vs. Evil is, but it isn’t. It still sells and attracts readers as much as it ever has.
    And if you stick with it, it should serve you well in achieving your goals as writer and bring you much success.

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