One of the most iconic superhuman abilities is the ability to read and influence the minds of others. Some wielders of this power can simply read the thoughts, memories, and emotions of other people. Others can influence the minds of others such as projecting illusions or directly controlling their targets’ actions. A few can induce psychological pain or destroy the mind altogether. One of the main characters of my series, Gregory Kennedy, has telepathy included in his arsenal, but mainly uses it to perform psychic sweeps when locating a target for the team or interrogating a suspect. However, as the series progresses, Gregory’s usage of telepathy will continue to evolve. In addition, the main villain of the series, Vogan, can utilize telepathy in a much more powerful form by communicating with every person on the planet simultaneously, but in volume five, it will be revealed that Vogan uses telepathy for much darker and more destructive applications. In my future sequel trilogy, one of the Young Guardians’ great grandchildren will have an affinity for telepathy as well.


  1. I always find the power of telepathy intriguing. How could a man with telepathic power control it? I mean how could he filter which mind to read or not? How could he not go insane before he gained the ability to filter the incoming thoughts, before the flood of people thoughts virtually drown his own?

  2. Dear Grady, I am so glad to be able to be able to communicate with you without having to sign up for Gravatar. My mother healed self thru the health ‘readings’ of a psychic named Edgar Cayce. He believed that we all have psychic and telepathic and knowledge of the future and past within us, and believed that young infants had it before the curtain of language came down and those skills forgotten!

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