Before I started writing The Young Guardians Universe, I experimented with various genres and wrote prototype stories throughout 6th grade. Among these written works were two stories I thought would be my main works. The first revolved around a band of time traveling companions who visit the time right before the dinosaurs existed. The second revolved around a sword and sorcery world, which originally included Tinisha Dolaira before I decided to use her in The Young Guardians Universe. I tinkered and experimented with these works for months, believing they would be my main works. Ultimately, I decided to abandon them in favor of other possible genres because the time traveling story was stuffed with information few people would understand and I was not experienced enough to write the sword and sorcery story the way I wanted it. Still, even though these works did not become my life’s work, they still caught the attention of my teachers and I graduated with honors and became an occasional guest on Career Day as a result. It was not until i was in my junior year of high school that I decided to start The Young Guardians Universe. Fortunately, now that I am far more experienced and refined my writing style enough, I am thinking of resurrecting the sword and sorcery story as part of The Young Guardians Universe in order to explain Tinisha’s origins.


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