I have always been supremely interested in the future and imagined how the world would evolve as time goes by.  There have been numerous elements of possible futures that have caught my attention such as highly advanced technological cities, blindly loyal android servants, and countless other aspects of scientific progress.  In one of my earlier posts, I discussed the concept of a utopia and often thought of it including a society that is completely uninhibited by technological advancement, allowing science to constantly grow and evolve without limit.  Among my future works, I plan to write a sequel trilogy that takes place centuries into the future within this technological utopia and will revolve around the Young Guardians’ great grandchildren.  The adventures of this next generation of Young Guardians will allow the reader to explore the inner workings of the advanced world they live in.  I can already imagine a number of events that will happen throughout this future trilogy and look forward to working on them once I have completed my current projects.

4 thoughts on “CONCEPT: THE FUTURE”

  1. I always wonder how an author decides where to plant his or her flag in the timeline of the world they create. Why skip to the grandchildren? Do you get tired of the story where you’ve had it for your current series or are you curious about what happens a century or so down the road?

  2. Hi! Thanks for the follow! The idea I have for my first book is future-based too. I thought I’ll tackle the concept of domed cities, though I’ve yet to decide whether I want to turn it into a utopia or a dystopia or a utopia in dystopia!

  3. Your mention of grandchildren of the YGs sparked a thought: would the YG descendants inherit superpowers? Would such powers be directly from their parents, or would they inherit a gene/set of genes which would leave the selection of their powers to chance (perhaps dependent on their genetics as well as nurturing)? I like the way your brain works. 🙂

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