For the main character of my latest short story, I have decided that his power set as a neohuman will revolve around electromagnetism, which is the ability to control both electricity and magnetic fields.  If I did not choose fire manipulation to be Patrick Donovan’s power set, I would have gone with this instead.  I find this power interesting because electricity is our most common source of power and our cities are overflowing with metals that are magnetic.  With that in mind, I thought it would be intriguing to see a character who could exploit both of those facts while battling evil.  I can already think of many ways this power set can be applied and I intend to incorporate them into the main character of my latest short story.  I am already excited to portray this power set in future writing.


Now that WonderCon is over, I am now free to continue the work on my short story prequels. Today, the editing process of my first short story has started and I have begun writing the second short story. I am particularly eager to write this new short story because the main character is a representation of what I would be as a superhero if I chose a different power set from Patrick Donovan’s fire-based abilities. Also, I have planned how this new short story will tie in volumes three and four with the other two short stories. As for the first short story, I have decided to use one of the pieces of artwork in the computer screen to serve as the cover illustration, which I will refine while editing. Hopefully, I will have both of these short stories available in time for WonderCon 2016. In many ways, I am glad that I am planning to continue my WonderCon book signings on an annual basis because it will give me a drive that will better motivate me to write story after story. I look forward to seeing how far my series will progress as time goes by.


In the aftermath of WonderCon, I realized that this was by far the most successful book signing I ever had. I sold more books at this event than any of my previous book signings combined and reached hundreds of people. Capturing the attention of the reporters who were strolling through the aisles was a pleasant surprise that I did not expect to find there. The exposure and publicity alone are worth the experience and I plan to return in the future. Overall, this has been a very productive and fruitful book signing and I look forward to what lies ahead.


Today has been even busier than yesterday. I have sold even more books, handed many more fliers and book marks, and captured the attention of a few more reporters. Also, I caught the attention of an instructor at a martial arts dojo for autistic children. After everything we experienced so far, my team and I are planning to make my next WonderCon book signing even bigger than this one. Tomorrow is the last day of the convention and will likely be the grand finale. Wish me luck and Happy Easter!