I have news regarding my first short story.  I have decided to allow the main character’s love interest, who is also a neohuman whose powers are emotion-based, to participate in the fight against the supervillain.  At first, her powers allow her to sense the emotions of those around her, but now I am thinking that her powers will evolve far beyond that.  I will not spoil everything, but what I can say is she will become vital in the battle against the supervillain.  Also, I have an idea for the ending of this short story that would connect it to another one of the short stories.  Since my volumes and these short stories are connected, they are essentially all part of the same superhero universe so the short stories will greatly elaborate the Young Guardians universe beyond the volumes.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


It is now about two weeks before my book signing at WonderCon begins and my preparations are coming together nicely. The art class who did the concept art for my characters have their tickets and are planning on putting their artwork in a 24 by 30 inch computer screen that will be on display at my booth and show the concept art in a continual loop. Only a few more things remain on my list before I am ready for the big weekend. I look forward to the event and keep you updated on any further developments. Wish me luck!


I have excellent news regarding my preparations for WonderCon.  I received the designs for both my book marks and t-shirts.  The book marks will come in three different variants, each one themed after each of my books.  As for the t-shirts, they are made for an entire classroom of high school students who will be attending WonderCon.  There will be well over a dozen students and three teachers, one of which will be assisting me at my booth.  With the book mark and t-shirt designs made, they will print soon and I will wait for the designs of my fliers and banner.  With each step taken, I feel ever more excited about the fast-approaching convention!  Wish me luck and I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Doctor Mecha is one of the main antagonists of the third volume alongside Vogan.  He is the head of Vogan’s Research and Development Division as well as Vogan’s right-hand man.  Unlike most character in the series, Doctor Mecha is not a neohuman.  Instead he is a human consciousness inside an android body.  He is a representation of a mad scientist and specializes in robotics and cybernetics.  Mecha has a history of performing human experiments by turning them into either cyborgs or androids, including himself.  As a result, Doctor Mecha is often escorted by a band of cybernetic soldiers he created from his experiments, each one with their own set of abilities.  Because of his devout adherence to science, Doctor Mecha strongly believes that mechanical beings are superior to organic beings.  While creating him, I drew inspiration from a person that I hated since middle school and by basing a character off of him, I was given the chance to get back at him in a healthy way.


As I continue to write the three short stories that will take place between volumes three and four, I have decided to give you a little overview of what they will consist of.  To begin with, one short story will revolve a character who wields energy and quantum manipulation.  The second short story will revolve around a character with electromagnetic abilities.  The third short story will revolve around a character with an advanced affinity for magic. These three character come from all walks of life and the way they acquire their powers is a result of the aftermath of volume three, The Revelation Orb.  I am eager to continue writing these short stories and have them ready for publication soon.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.