Emotions have always been one of mankind’s most defining traits.  I thought it would be interesting to introduce a character who could influence the emotions of others any way they choose.  Some people could sense emotions, others could induce emotions in another person, or a few could draw strength of one or more emotion in order to unlock previously dormant abilities.  What would be the results if someone wielded that kind of ability?  In my upcoming short story, the main character will have a love interest who possesses this power.  At first glance, it looks as though she can only sense the emotions of others, but as the story progresses, her ability quickly evolves into something more fundamental.  The details of just how much her powers will grow will remain confidential until the short story is released.  Overall, I believe she will be a unique character who is the general incarnation of a “people person”.


  1. Emotions and psychic abilities are always an interesting pairing. I’ve often considered how our society would probably crumble overnight if everyone developed a psychic ability. The privacy we’d lose is the lubrication for so many cogs, even on the simplest level it would be hugely unpleasant to go through the day knowing exactly what everyone thought of you – and you of them.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation had a good episode for this when Deanna Troi, an Empath, lost her abilities. Rather than being relieved, she despaired at how two-dimensional everyone became, their thoughts and feelings locked away. I think it’s something to file under ‘Could be wonderful, but in no way is humanity ready for it yet.’

  2. That would either be one not very useful power or a very scary one, I can imagine both scenarios. I this short story will be available soon, I’m really interested by the concept because mainstream superpowers are fun for a time but they are still mainstream.

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