I have always been a connoisseur of mythology and apart from high elves and dragons, there is another mythological creature that I find intriguing: demigods, specifically the ones depicted in ancient Greek mythology.  Essentially, a demigod is a being that is a hybrid between a mortal and a god with one parent that is mortal and one parent that is a god.  In terms of powers, a demigod is many times more powerful than any mortal, but not as strong as a pure-blooded god, sometimes having abilities that symbolize their divine parent such as fire manipulation, sky manipulation, or something else entirely.  And here is an interesting thought, just because one of a demigod’s parents is mortal, it does not necessarily mean they have to be human.  I wondered what kind of demigod could be created if it was born from a god and another mortal being that is not human.  In the second volume of my series, The Young Guardians and the Great Darkness, it is revealed that one of the Young Guardians is a demigod, a fact that will probably make them the strongest of the team.  I won’t say who it is, but it will come as a surprise.

3 thoughts on “CREATURE: DEMIGOD”

  1. I enjoy mythology as well and the whole Demi God concept is very interesting because of its presence in Greek mythology as well as in the Old Testament. The nephilim in genesis 6, children of angels and human women, were described as “giants, heroes of old” perhaps even referring to the mythology of the Greeks, indicating that they may have actually existed and were revered as gods by many cultures that did not believe in the one true monotheistic God. (I believe these things, it is only an opinion, but to me it is a very fascinating notion: clearly states in genesis chapter 6 that they were the “heroes of old” I.e. Greek and other gods)

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