For the longest time, I have dreamed of a perfect utopia and what would be required for one to even exist.  Because of human nature, the cost of creating such a world would probably be high beyond imagining.  Everyone has their own interpretation of what a utopia is.  In my opinion, a utopia would be a place where there is no evil, no war, no disease, no poverty, no prejudice, no famine, no pollution, with an environmentally friendly power source that is many times more powerful than nuclear power or oil, and everyone would have equal chance to have a great education and a profitable job.  Every time I think of this paradise, I am given a sense of grace and peace that I cannot describe.  My final fifth volume of my series will explore the concept of a utopia and what kind of price has to be paid in order for it to exist.  I will not spoil how this utopia would come into existence, but I can say that how it is created is not what you will expect.

6 thoughts on “CONCEPT: UTOPIA”

  1. Honestly, utopia is a dream everyone shares I believe, but the construction of such a place would require more faith than most are willing to exhibit on faith alone. People have inherent biological natures, just as every animal does. For humans to disregard their predative nature, their abusive natures, their submissive natures – and so many others – would require great effort and loss of life. Such a thing would require great sacrifice and great effort to avoid what has become second nature to many.

  2. Utopia requires either a perfect setting for “ONE”, or for “ALL” to agree on said perfect setting. If just ONE doesn’t agree, then you have a statist nightmare.

    The first matrix movie got it right…”we created a utopia…it was an utter disaster…no one would accept the programming”.

    I personally find the word repulsive. The concept of Individual freedom makes the term a 1984’ish nightmare if looked at long enough. Or a world full of boring dullards who are at the very end of their evolutionary road with nothing left to do but navel gaze.

    Adventure and excitement, exploration and growth all require elements of danger, the possibility of failure and a desire to improve. “Utopia” by its very definition can’t have those things.
    -yep, pushed a button with this post.

  3. I also write utopian sci-fi/speculative fiction, Grady. Let’s share! My first volume, “This Changes Everything,” is free everywhere ebooks are available. I’d love your opinions on it and future ebooks (if you want to read them; I’m up to Vol II released and working on Vols III and IV of X) in “The Spanners Series.”

    Let me know when yours is available!

    Best to you,


  4. I’m also dealing with this concept in one of my projects and am gleaning through Plato’s Republic and other texts to ground some of the ideology. I’m also learning about some cutting edge technological innovations being used in cities and city planning to get a more practical sense of the “ideal (technological) state.”

  5. In spite of the best efforts of some, we are getting closer to that utopia. Even if it is impossible, the mere act of aiming for it has rid, and indeed will rid our society of some of its greatest ills.

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