I have completed the first chapter of one of the short stories that will pave the way to my upcoming fourth volume.  I must say I feel a certain fascination and intrigue about the main character of this short story spin-off because of his unique backstory and powers.  His origin and powers will revolve around something to do with harnessing solar power, such as solar panels, and will be combined with the aftermath of volume three.  I have started the second chapter and I look forward to what is waiting over the horizon.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I had an idea of what to do with my writing in the future.  Because my writing style has improved considerably since I first started my series eight years ago, I am thinking of producing second editions of my work, which will be complete with new cover art.  This new project will take time to plan, but I believe it will provide interesting results in the end.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Only two more months remain until WonderCon and I have done a lot of preparations so far.  I have completed the basic layout of the complimentary fliers and bookmarks I will be handing out throughout the weekend.  In addition, I have done the groundwork for the posters and banner I will be hanging at the back of my booth.  After completing the overview of these items, I have researched various locations in which I could mass-produce them after my godmother refines them.  I also acquired other vital paperwork that the people in charge of the convention requested.  For the moment, I am waiting for a local school to produce the character concept art that will be put on display at my book signing and am eager to finally see my beloved characters with my own eyes.  Overall, it has been a very busy and productive month and I look forward to all of the developments that will follow.


One of the genres that had the most significant impact on me was fantasy.  Particularly, the section of fantasy that I have been interested in the most was sword and sorcery, such as The Lord of the Rings, Eragon, and Game of Thrones.  These stories were always full of strange and majestic creatures I was instantly drawn to, such as dragons, elves, and dwarves.  My interest in these creatures was such that I found a way for them to make an appearance in my series.  Elves, in particular, captured my attention to the degree in which I made the female lead of my series an elf.  Another concept that I had always considered was what if a sword and sorcery world did exist, but as an alternate reality or parallel dimension with its own unique laws of physics.  With that in mind, I wondered what would happen if a wormhole between that dimension and 21st Century Earth was created and some of the inhabitants of that mystical world crossed over in our world.  This concept is how Tinisha entered 21st Century Earth and met the Young Guardians.  Moreover, I wondered what would happen if that wormhole increased in size to the point in which a dead sword and sorcery world threatened to collide with the modern world.  This possibility occurs in the second volume of my series.  Overall, fantasy has influenced my writing in many ways to the point in which I combined it with the science fiction and superhero genres.


The Blue Hammer is the Young Guardians’ form of transportation that they acquired in the second volume. It is equipped with heavily fortified armor plating, a pair of miniguns that fire laser rounds, and it has hidden compartments that house various other weapons the Young Guardians could use in the field, such as a bazooka that could fire extremely destructive missiles. In appearance, I modeled the Blue Hammer after a Hummer Limousine because it would be big enough for the entire Young Guardians team to ride and accommodate all its modifications. However, the Young Guardians lose this vehicle due to unknown circumstances. Fortunately, a new version of the Blue Hammer will appear in the upcoming third volume. Unlike the first Blue Hammer, the new Blue Hammer will be modeled after a South African military vehicle called the Marauder and it will have even more radical modifications that its predecessor never had.



After looking through the photographs I took in Kauai, I noticed this picture of a waterfall I took after hiking into the jungle. Upon examining the luster of sunlight reflecting off the cascading water, I thought about the futuristic world that will appear both at the epilogue and my sequel series. If the future will possess this level of beauty and perfection, what kind of utopia would the Young Guardians live in several centuries from now? The beauty of this force of nature and the possibilities that could happen in the years to come has given me much to think about.