After looking through the photographs I took in Kauai, I noticed this picture of a waterfall I took after hiking into the jungle. Upon examining the luster of sunlight reflecting off the cascading water, I thought about the futuristic world that will appear both at the epilogue and my sequel series. If the future will possess this level of beauty and perfection, what kind of utopia would the Young Guardians live in several centuries from now? The beauty of this force of nature and the possibilities that could happen in the years to come has given me much to think about.


  1. It looks so wonderful; I’ve always loved how nature gives us insight and inspiration, especially when it comes to literature. I love to write out of doors for that exact reason

  2. Kauai is a beautiful island. I look forward to when I can go back. It is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, and you can almost feel it when you’re there. At least for me it felt like it a peaceful, rejuvaniting energy.

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