An ability that I have often seen in various works of science fiction is the ability to manipulate energy.  With this power, the user would be able to control, absorb, or transform all forms of energy.  Sometimes a user would use this power to fire beams of energy that could obliterate its target or create shapes and constructs out of the energy in question.  Other times, they could utilize energy to augment their physical capabilities such as strength, sped, or durability.  Also, there are some cases in which an individual is made of living energy instead of flesh, blood, or bone.  I believe that anyone who wields this ability would have the potential to manipulate forms of energy that have yet to be discovered by science.  In the first short story of the spin-off I am working on will revolve around a character who acquires this power in the immediate aftermath of volume three.  The catalysts in which they receive this gift will be both traumatic and awe-inspiring.


  1. Interesting take on energy manipulation. It gives me some ideas for how this could be used in a character. I think it would be interesting if the main character was unable to do this but had a familiar that was capable of this. It would be cause for some bad situations where the main had to either wait or figure a way out without the help of the power.

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