I based Cyber Shadow on several bullies who tormented me throughout middle and high school to give myself an emotional release and find a healthy way to get revenge.  Before he takes on the name Cyber Shadow, the character’s name was Brick Baxter, who is a psychopathic sadist who routinely targeted the main character, Patrick Donovan.  However, a couple days after Patrick gained his powers from the Genesis Spell, Brick attacked Patrick and Patrick accidentally used his powers to burn Brick alive.  Shortly afterwards, Brick’s remains were salvaged and he was turned into a cyborg called Cyber Shadow.

Because of the potential glitches and defects that could come from being a cyborg, I thought of an ideal way for Brick to be a formidable supervillain and completely miserable at the same time.  To begin with, the technology that is keeping Brick’s organic components alive is highly experimental and inadvertently exacerbates Brick’s already insane, sadistic urges.  Most of his senses are either diluted or gone, leaving him with only sight and hearing, which are still somewhat diminished.  His metal limbs are extremely heavy and difficult to move, which causes serious strain to his traumatized brain.  His robotic head is a poor fit for his brain, which causes him endless headaches.  And his synthetic organs cause him a constant state of nausea, but he cannot vomit because he has no esophagus or mouth.  Overall, Cyber Shadow’s existence as a cyborg is living damnation.  Still, despite the limitless misery he suffers, I made sure that Cyber Shadow was equipped with advanced weaponry to go along with his insatiable bloodlust and hunger for vengeance.  Currently, Cyber Shadow’s ultimate fate is a mystery, but a hint will be revealed in the upcoming third volume.


  1. He sounds interesting. Is there a reason why he is a psychopathic sadist? I always enjoy reading books with developed characters. Also, writing is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to release negative thoughts and past experiences.

  2. Grady, I don’t read much sci-fi, but this sounds like a cool idea. I’m a little familiar with cyborg science and this poor bloke is, as you say, caught in a living hell.
    I appreciate the information in your post for those of us who don’t already know the characters and the rationale behind your plots. However, for future blog posts, I have a little advice in making them easier on the eye. Consider breaking your posts into smaller bites to eat at one time.
    More paragraphs and some shorter sentences. For instance, when you change topic, start a new paragraph. In the above, you could have four paragraphs rather than one long one. Break them up at the “However,” “Because of the potential…” “To begin with…” and finally, “Still, despite…” These are, of course, just suggestions.
    Like I said, I think you’ve really developed some cool characters and I just might be looking to read these even though I don’t read a lot of sci-fi. I subscribed to your blog because the concept sounded intriguing.
    Please take the advice for your blog with my best wishes. I have a degree in journalism and many years of writing and editing experience. We were always taught to include “white space” for readers.
    So I hope to see you succeed. Keep going…I will be one of your best cheerleaders.

  3. Oh wow, you’ve really exacted revenge on Brick Baxter in the most perfect way! That is certainly my idea of a living hell. I like, also, how you developed the character on how those bullies made you feel.

  4. The most interesting characters, I believe, are based on actual figures from our childhood. I like Flannery O’Connor’s observation that “Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.”

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  6. Wow these characters sound cool! I don’t usually read scifi, but I would read this….and thanks for stopping by my blog and following 🙂

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