My mind has been very active lately ever since my third volume began publication, particularly when it comes to planning future works.  To begin with, I have planned my fifth volume out and even though Vogan will seem like a classic megalomaniac villain, in the end, he will be morally ambiguous.  Ultimately, his intentions are good, but the price he is willing to pay is too high.  I won’t explain what his plan will be or if he succeeds, but what I can say is that the depth of these revelations will be vast and elaborate.  Secondly, in one of my spin-off stories that I will write after my main five volumes are complete, I thought of the origins of one of the main characters as well as the abilities of one of the supervillains they will face.  Finally, I even thought of what happened when the Young Guardians were abducted by a shadowy organization in the first book.  The full truth of the Young Guardians’ abduction will be revealed in the fifth volume as well and it will be a twist you will not expect.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


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