I had an interesting idea that I have been playing with until just a few hours ago.  I was thinking of writing a sequel series to my main five volumes.  It will focus the Young Guardians and the next generation of heroes more than two hundred years into the future.  Since the Young Guardians are physically immortal, their minds and world views would change in ways they do not expect.  I was thinking of exploring how their immortality will evolve as they take on the role of mentors as they are forced to train new heroes.  Based on what I have planned for volume five, this futuristic world will not be like the stereotypical high-tech society you would find in countless works of fiction.  It will be high-tech nonetheless, but at the same time, it will be exotic in a way you will not expect.  I am eager to begin this future project after I finish my main five volumes and look forward to what else is over the horizon.


  1. Hi,
    I just have a query, your books sound interesting and I would like to have a read of them, I was just wondering, where abouts would you find them? I know they are on amazon, that the only place where they can be found?


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