After experiencing countless science fiction stories and films, I came to realize that nanotechnology is one of my favorite concept regarding robotics.  Originally designed to cure cancer cells and strengthen organic material, I noticed that nanites could be used for other applications such as combat or manipulating matter on a molecular level.  By itself, a single nanite is insignificant, but in sheer numbers, nanites are very malleable, versatile and could reform their collective shape with ease.  Nanotechnology will play a significant role in my fourth volume as well as some of my planned prequels.


  1. Thanks for the post! I just saw the disney movie “Big Hero 6” with my kids yesterday. Their depiction of “nano-bots” has some parallels with what you’re talking about… it really got my wheels turning!

  2. Nanotechnology remains the scariest possible technology to me. When you can change matter at the atomic level with a simple computer program and a single molecular robot can reproduce into the billions, anything is possible. Mind control, genetic transformation, energy and matter manipulation, sheer disintegration… It’s an absolute nightmare to consider for me.

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