This is my two-year old pit bull, Fitch.  As a breed, pit bulls have such a bad reputation, but Fitch is a complete and utter sweetheart.  For a dog, he had a very expressive face and is eager to please.  Fitch has played a significant role in my writing because up until I adopted him, I have only been writing when I am completely and utterly alone, but now that Fitch is around, his presence has made the writing process a lot smoother.  I guess having company, even if it is a dog, improves your life in ways you cannot expect.


When I started writing my second volume, I realized the possibility that the Young Guardians could become so effective at fighting crime that the criminal underworld would become desperate for a way to even the odds against the Young Guardians.  For that, I had the criminal underworld develop an experimental performance enhancer that they call Steroline, which is a hybrid word between steroids and adrenaline.  What this drug does is temporarily increases the strength, speed, endurance, and pain resistance of an individual.  It can potentially multiply a user’s physical capabilities by ten for a span of ten to fifteen minutes.  But when used in large doses, it can cause a person to go berserk, or potentially kill a person.  When coming up with this drug, I drew inspiration from the Viking Berserkers, who were capable of entering such an intense state of rage that they would become inhumanly strong and resilient.  With that in mind, I wondered what would happen if the Young Guardians encountered individuals who attained such ferocity.  In later works, it will be revealed that Steroline will be the first piece to a larger puzzle.