One of the superhuman abilities I have always been fascinated by is superhuman speed.  I have seen many variations of this power in several works of fiction.  Some speedsters are fast enough to catch a bullet, some can run at Mach 1, and a rare few can outrun the flow of time itself.  I often imagined what it would be like to be fast enough to be in several places at once, which would make my schedule a whole lot simpler.  However, despite the apparent benefits one can gain from moving so fast, there are a few drawbacks to this power.  First of all, when you are moving at such high speeds, your mind could have difficulty catching up.  Second, your movements could be so fast that you won’t see an incoming obstacle until you already hit it.  Third, because of your increased speed, you would be creating such intense friction with your movements that you would risk incinerating your body in the blink of an eye.  Finally, because your movements have been enhanced, your metabolism is equally amplified, which means you would have to constantly eat just to stay alive just like a shrew or hummingbird does in real life.  Still, despite the danger of the super-charged metabolism, I like the idea of being able to eat all of my favorite foods as much as I want and never gain an ounce.  In my upcoming third book, one of the new characters will have this ability as her primary power and she will have a very personal impact on one of the main characters.

10 thoughts on “SUPERPOWER: SUPER SPEED”

  1. So are you going to explore the implications you detailed above in the story? It would be cool if you did–it would be self-aware superhero fiction. Very interesting.

  2. I love the way you described the drawbacks of super-human speed. It’s a power I’ve never wanted it becauseI’d I’d be afraid of the stomach upset. I think one would need to take about a case of Dramamine in order to not puke from the velocity.

  3. I guess I should have read the rest of the comments first, but here I go anyway. I like the idea of super speed but and your thoughts on how it might work. What about how it might affect the character’s personality, or his relationships. How might you interact differently with a friend who has this superpower? Have fun with the idea.

  4. …there’s also the issue of stopping – wouldn’t a sudden stop (as we often see in comics and movies where these super powers crop up) burst your blood vessels etc? Yikes. The momentum would be just too great for a human body to handle. The superpower I’d like would be invisibility, or flight (although there is that pesky issue with bugs on your face / glasses, and avoiding birds…)
    Thanks for following my blog. Hope you enjoy.

  5. How interesting! I’ve never actually thought about the drawbacks of super speed. ^-^ Do you think that if you were born with this power, rather than acquiring it through a strange event/gamma rays/and so on, that the body would be naturally adapted to avoid some of these problems? Like faster cognitive functions so your brain can keep up with you and help you not smack into walls at super speeds?

    My own personal fascination is with Telempathy, and I’ve had a lot of fun exploring various facets of it over the years, mostly with roleplaying characters. ^-^

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