Last week, I attended a Comikaze Afterparty in Hollywood that was hosted by my good friends the Winner Twins, authors of The Strand Prophecy.  I was glad that I was invited by the Twins and once I entered the event, I felt an overwhelming sense of kinship that I had not experienced since Wondercon.  There were dozens of people who were into the same things I was: science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, anime/manga, etc.  Also, there were at least three other people who had autism, so it felt great to interact with others who share my condition, which made me feel less alone.  While at the party, I talked with the other guests about everything from Star Wars, anime/manga, and how they knew the Winner Twins.  I was definitely among my people and I could have talked about those subjects all night.  Finally, I was able to talk to people who understand what the heck I am talking about.

4 thoughts on “COMIKAZE AFTERPARTY!!!”

  1. It’s always great to find others with the same interests. Sounds like you had a good night. i would’ve gone as Buffy, not a hard costume though just go as is with a stake in my hand ha-ha.

  2. I love it when that happens, connecting with others of your ilk…feels magical. I’m thrilled you found your people there ☺. Many thanks for following my new blog! I’m honoured. Looking fwd to reading more of your posts. Be well, jules

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