I went to see the Disney animated film Big Hero 6 today and I must say that it exceeded my expectations.  I liked how it kind of had a anime/manga feel combined with the Marvel superhero vibe and Disney magic.  Apart from the intense science fiction and coming of age themes, I was glad that Disney included a scene in which the heroes come to understand the difference between justice and revenge, which is something every superhero has to face.  I highly recommend this film to anyone who is searching for a superhero story to is suitable for the whole family.  Now that Marvel is owned by Disney, I hope Disney has many more Marvel/Disney films like Big Hero 6 on the way.  I hope they are planning a sequel sometime soon.  In addition, stay after the credits because a special person will make an appearance that makes any Marvel film complete.

9 thoughts on “FILM REVIEW: BIG HERO 6”

  1. I just saw it with my 11-year-old daughter (who loves superhero movies), and I agree with everything you said. Great film with lots of likable characters and an important, powerful message (or two).

  2. It was good? Glad to hear that. Nothing like going to the cinema and sitting through hours and hours of a movie that makes you wanna snore.

    I think I might take my little brother for a treat and go watch this shiz. Thanks for the review, bud! 🙂

  3. I’m going to see it soon. The comics were fun, though probably aimed specifically at children. The trailers make it look hilarious. Great review.

  4. Looking forward to catching this one. Sounds great.

    I always thought Marvel characters and stories were more interesting than DC’s. In Marvel comics, good guys got mad at each other, relationships withered and died, and good guys were sometimes mistaken for bad guys. Even better, some bad guys became good guys.

    It was like real life. They acted like my family…

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