When I started writing my second volume, I realized the possibility that the Young Guardians could become so effective at fighting crime that the criminal underworld would become desperate for a way to even the odds against the Young Guardians.  For that, I had the criminal underworld develop an experimental performance enhancer that they call Steroline, which is a hybrid word between steroids and adrenaline.  What this drug does is temporarily increases the strength, speed, endurance, and pain resistance of an individual.  It can potentially multiply a user’s physical capabilities by ten for a span of ten to fifteen minutes.  But when used in large doses, it can cause a person to go berserk, or potentially kill a person.  When coming up with this drug, I drew inspiration from the Viking Berserkers, who were capable of entering such an intense state of rage that they would become inhumanly strong and resilient.  With that in mind, I wondered what would happen if the Young Guardians encountered individuals who attained such ferocity.  In later works, it will be revealed that Steroline will be the first piece to a larger puzzle.

One thought on “CONCEPT: STEROLINE”

  1. It is always interesting to see the thought process of another writer. That you saw the potential hazard of having Good Guys who are just too darned good was beneficial to the storyline development. (Disclaimer I am not, nor have I ever been, a graphic novel fan. I’m afraid I’m always left wanting more words.) I do wonder if you will consider what would happen if one of the Good Guys somehow ends up ingesting Steroline? Or, what if the Bad Guys find a way to induce a loss of powers in the Good Guys. Would they still fight crime?

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