One of my favorite genres has always been science fiction because it presents a number of potential possibilities that science can produce such as robots, aliens, virtual reality, and so forth.  When I write my series, I analyze how some of the character’s equipment, powers, and origins.  For example, with Cyber Shadow I utilized the science fiction concept of the cyborg and how that technology could potential create a supervillain.  With Tinisha Dolaira, I thought of the possibility of her race, high elves, coming from an alternate reality or parallel dimension where the laws of physics are considerably different from our own.  Also, while the Genesis Spell’s supernatural effects are apparent on the Young Guardians, I also explored how it would effect them on a cellular level, which is an idea I got from genetic engineering as well as otherworldly energies that have yet to be discovered by science.  These are just a few examples of how science fiction has influenced my work and how great of an impact it has had on my life.

4 thoughts on “GENRE: SCIENCE FICTION”

  1. The possibilities are endless, right? I remember how my brain worked through science fiction as a kid, but as a grown-up, things become more pragmatic. Is that inevitable?

  2. Fantasy and Science Fiction have been a huge part of my reading and writings as well. I’m glad to see it is becoming more and more, “mainstream,” for lack of a better word, because they are so powerful in holding a mirror to our world. I might just have to do my own post about SciFi and Fantasy now!

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