As many of you are aware, I have been researching every known superhuman ability to put together an arsenal for all forthcoming characters of my series.  After extensive effort, I have decided on which one is my all-time favorite power: REALITY WARPING. The inner workings and definition of this power is to alter reality itself by will alone and make whatever I imagine real.  As a writer, I have a very powerful imagination and have always wanted to manifest it in more than just in the form of books.  I could create entire dimensions, new life forms, or limitless wealth.  On the other hand, this power could also be used for dark and destructive purposes such as obliterating planets, wiping a species from existence, or making a person die with a single thought.  Personally, I prefer the more positive aspects of this power because I could do some real good for the world.  The only known limitation of this ability is my imagination itself.  So, this would be the perfect power for me.



  1. Kind of OP. It sounds like a cool power, but how do you prevent a character from basically having a god complex? I have thought about this power in the past but I just don’t know how you would do it and still make the character interesting.

  2. I think it would be interesting to have a character become a vigilante with this power. If not that, I would say make a villain with this power. I know we all want the good to happen in the world, but how cool would it be to have a villain that almost seems impossible to defeat? Just fruit for thought, but I think Reality Warping is awesome, I just don’t really write stories like these, I only read them.

  3. I’ve thought about this power before, but yeah, it is OP. Putting a character with this ability into a story would be difficult because they could technically have the abilities of their enemies while simultaneously creating new abilities for themselves.
    Dues Ex Machina forever.
    Basically, limitless abilities are hard to write and deal with unless the opposing character(s) have a similar ability. And even then, that could create one clusterf*ck of a story. D:

  4. I guess, like you, that’s how I feel every time I write, like it gives me this power and control that I lack in the real world…that I definitely couldn’t handle in the real world for that matter.

  5. Reality warping sounds really cool. But way too powerful for mere mortals. Or super mortals for that matter. Ohhhhh the things I would change.! And I’m one of the good guys. Usually 🙂 Great post.!! Btw – thanks for the blog follow too.!!

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