When I first heard of Raymond Kurzweil’s theory of transhumanism, I knew it was a concept I had to include in my work.  Basically, it involves transferring an individual’s consciousness into a machine.  While designing Cyber Shadow, I drew inspiration on that idea by having Cyber Shadow’s only organic component to be his brain, which would preserve his mind.  In the upcoming third volume, three more characters will be based on transhumanism through a similar process that created Cyber Shadow.  However, Cyber Shadow was only a cumbersome prototype, which means that these three characters will be much more advanced and sophisticated than Cyber Shadow ever was.  In addition, the man who invented this experiment will be identified.  I will not say who these characters will be or whose side they will be on, but what I can say is that one of them will have a very personal impact on one of the main characters.


  1. I prefer the concept of nanoscale bioaugmentations, such as the Hyperborean Race in my books “Sojourn” and “Orbis Solaris” However, like nanoscale augmentation, transhumanism is yet another potential path to immortality allowed by technology, and doubtlessly a facet of the coming Second Renaissance, technological revolution and mass-mobilization of creative forces that will doubtlessly take hold this century.

  2. In Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein novels, one of the main characters uses an idea like this to basically achieve immortality. It was a fun read and I’m looking forward to your take on it.

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