For as long as I can remember, dragons have always been my number one favorite mythological creature.  I have always admired their size, strength, and unrivaled majesty.  In various fantasy stories, dragons shared a number of traits, such as being able to overpower entire armies or incinerate entire kingdoms.  With such unmatchable power at their disposal, I strongly believe that dragons are living weapons of mass destruction.  I love dragons so much that I decided the main character of my series, Patrick Donovan, would have the ability to generate and manipulate dragon fire.  In addition, I also made Patrick think like a dragon with a personality that operates like a backdraft, normally calm and serene, but when properly provoked, the results are explosive like a backdraft being exposed to oxygen.  Also, a dragon makes an appearance in the second volume, but it is not like the rest of its species.  As the series progresses, Patrick will gradually become more dragon-like.

9 thoughts on “CREATURE: DRAGONS”

  1. Hey Grady, thanks for the follow! I hope you keep enjoying my story. More importantly, dragons. As a kid (and to this day haha) they’ve been my favorite fantastical creatures, period. Have you ever heard of or read from the Ernest Drake series?
    I loved those books and tried to write stories about the dragons in them. Your post reminded me of that and how awesome they are to read about. Your site looks sweet and I’m looking forward to seeing more about your writing. Happy Reading!

  2. Hi, Grady, just thought I will drop by and say hi since you followed me. Thanks for that. I’m a hardcore fantasy fan and writer and unlike you, I’m just starting with barely the Prologue and a few of other loose Chapters ready for public consumption. Hopefully, I will be posting some more about my specific writing project soon.

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