Triple Ace initially joins the Young Guardians in the second volume to serve as their bodyguard, but eventually becomes a full-time member at the end of the second volume.  The best way to describe her is a high-tech ninja who is armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry of her design.  Her weapons of choice include a pair of katana swords that have blades that can vibrate at super-high speed and a rechargeable shotgun that fires plasma shells.  In terms of personality, she is strong, mysterious, and straight-forward.  She also has the disciplined mindset of a soldier who is blindingly loyal to her employers and follows orders to the letter and does not ask questions.  Also, she is very secretive about her true identity and never removes her mask, even in front her teammates.  Aside from her weapons, Triple Ace is a frighteningly formidable martial artist, is at peak human conditioning, and has a genius-level intellect.  While serving as one of the team’s bodyguards, Triple Ace is also in charge of transportation, driving the Young Guardians around in her heavily modified and weaponized Hummer Limousine, The Blue Hammer.  Before the second volume, I noticed that Patrick and Tinisha were the only main characters who have a relationship, so I wanted to give the rest of the team a chance to have a love interest, so I introduced Triple Ace.  Also, because she has no powers of her own, she serves as the human element of the team.


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