One of my all-time favorite genres in fiction has always been that of the superhero because it illustrates an amazing individual or individuals using their extraordinary gifts to vanquish evil.  In addition, I like how in several superhero universes such as Marvel or DC that there are heroes, villains, and antiheroes and shows the audience how they are interconnected with one another.  Also, when battling a villain, the villain is shown to utilize various forms of dark methods to achieve their goals whether if the methods in question were magical, scientific, interdimensional, etc.  When exploring the background of a superhero, I enjoy seeing the human side of the hero and the events that lead up to them taking on the mantle of the superhero.  I enjoy this genre so much that I wanted to contribute to the genre and create my very own superhero universe.  I would recommend this genre to anyone who is seeking a satisfying battle of good against evil.

10 thoughts on “GENRE: SUPERHERO”

  1. I share your enthusiasm for the genre, with its many varieties. One of my personal favorites is when we get a glimpse into the antihero’s soul, too. What turned them evil, that sort of thing.

  2. Same here, I guess, so I wrote Ugly. I started reading comics back in the 80s. The New Teen Titans back before they went chibi. I always felt Raven was one of the most interesting characters because there was a real dark side to her (though I admit to lusting after Starfire as well; I was young!).
    Years later I got into an MMO called City of Heroes which let you play at being a superhero online with other people doing the same. Several us began a roleplaying group which went on for something like 7 years. Several of us would write fiction based around our characters. Some of it was very good, and two of the people in that group have ended up published authors.
    Personally I’d recommend the genre to anyone who is looking for a damn good story. Okay, yes, good battles evil and smacks it in the face, but it’s always the character stories which come out as the fan favourites.

  3. Likewise, I’m a huge fan of the genre. It is, essentially, modern mythology and you can use it to look at so many different types of stories and elements of the human condition.

  4. Great post at a great time. Superheroes are on top right now and I love it. I write and blog about heroes all the time. There is so much truth and hope to this particular form a fiction that has been overlooked for too long…Sorry, I’m geeking a bit here.

  5. This is so amazing! I read your ”about” info too and got impressed! Thank you very much for following my blog and i am looking forward on your comments and insight! *follows you back*

  6. I too love hero-fiction, but my personal preference is is more for Evil v. Evil. My favorite stories are ones in which the only true /good/ is subjective.

    That said, I love the pure mythologism of Superman, though I think those stories have a tendency to veer sharply down the path of Dredd-like victor’s justice.

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