Whenever I read a story or watch a film, I am always on the lookout for characters who are capable of inhuman feats.  The thing that has always interested me about superhuman powers is that individuals who wield such power provide a much more intriguing story than normal human beings.  After extensive research, I have calculated that there are well over 5,000 known superpowers with an almost infinite number of combinations.  As I progress through my series, I often wonder what would happen if all of those powers and combinations were to interact with one another simultaneously.  After countless hours of pondering and theorizing, I really do not know what the results would be if such an event were to happen because the possibilities are literally endless when I think about it.  I guess only time will tell what the end result will be.

8 thoughts on “CONCEPT: SUPERPOWERS”

  1. I too have always been fascinated by the idea of superpowers, having been a long-time comic book reader since the 60’s. What intrigues me today are the folks (RLSH), real-life superheroes, who are out there doing good deeds. Most are heading in the Batman direction, using tech. Good post, Grady. 🙂

  2. 5,000 sounds pretty high! I get flying, climbing walls, shooting spider silk, super strength … but what would be the more esoteric ones on that list? What superpowers represent the bottom-dwellers? Are they superpowers that the other superheroes would make fun of at a party?

  3. Enumerating superpowers is a little like trying to enumerate… um… something you can’t really count. Given that 98.2647% of statistics are made up on the spot, I think 5000 is just a random number. In reality you can probably shrink most of them down to a few basic powers with options and special effects. Try a good Superhero RPG (GURPS Powers, Champions) for a mechanism for reducing the noise.

  4. I almost feel like some tv shows try to do stuff like that, like Heroes or Alphas… never really works as well as one might hope. I agree that superpowers make stories significantly more interesting on a certain level, but you still need good characters and story lines to make it work. For instance, Harry Potter would be nothing, despite all that awesome magic, without the magnificent world and character development and story structure. A good example of the other end; awesome superpowers with lacking characters and story is the newer starwars trilogy.
    Also, thanks for reading my stuff, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I do writing it, and if you have any insights I would love to hear them!

    1. I have a friend who mentioned he wanted to write a superheroine (I am doing that also). I asked him a question: “Does she like beans?” In other words, what’s her favorite color? Favorite food? Is she liberal or conservative? What movies, books, etc. does she like? Patient? Short tempered? Organized or messy?
      Superpowers are cool, but the person who has the superpower needs to be well developed. (And that means something other than the bustline for superheroines.)

  5. Anything that challenges the ordinary and hints at the potential for supernatural ability gets me going. Cool concept here. There are potentially unlimited super powers. Marvel unveiled plenty (including ones that you would never want to have) but imagination is the limit!

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