Vogan is the main villain of my entire series and the leader of the shadowy organization that has been hunting the Young Guardians from behind the scenes.  Out of all of the characters I have created for my books, Vogan is the most complex and underwent the most changes when I designed him.  For the moment, Vogan’s ultimate goals and objectives are a mystery, but his plans will be revealed when volume three is released.  From an anime and manga perspective on just how ominous and dangerous he is, I would estimate Vogan to be Sosuke Aizen, Albert Wesker, Madara Uchiha, and Sephiroth all rolled into one.  I will not reveal everything about him before the third volume comes out, but what I can say is that he is a tragic villain with a god complex.  In addition, I modeled his personality on what I consider to be the absolute darkest aspects of my personality.  If Patrick Donovan represents my light side, then Vogan represents my dark side.  In terms of power, I would say that Vogan is without a doubt the most powerful enemy the Young Guardians will ever face.  So, watch out for this guy when volume three comes out.


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