One of my all-time favorite superhuman abilities is telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with their minds.  If properly used, it could be powerful enough to lift a bus off the ground and precise enough to levitate a coin.  In rare cases, an extremely powerful telekinetic could manipulate the individual atoms in an object either to rearrange them in a different way or to dismantle the object on an atomic level.  However, despite its generally basic concept, I realized that this power can be utilized for dark and violent purposes.  In anime such as Akira and Elfen Lied, I could see that telekinesis is essentially the perfect murder weapon, allowing the wielder to effortlessly eviscerate or implode their victims by will alone.  The reason for this is because since the user is not physically touching their targets, they leave no physical evidence that could be pinned on them.  When I interviewed one of my best friends on what power he would want his character Gregory to have, he chose this ability.  Fortunately, I decided that Gregory would use telekinesis in a much more conservative fashion, which would better suit him in his duties as a superhero.


  1. I always wondered if someone with telekinesis could be trained as a healer. If you could refine it enough on the atomic level, then totally possible.

  2. If telekinesis can be used at an atomic level you cold possibly teleport (by separating all atoms and re assembling them), rup things into dust, and basically revive the dead. Probably a lot more things you could do

  3. I always believe that telekinesis is the only “plausible” explanation for nearly all superpowers. I mean, take Superman for example. It would be more plausible if his power is telekinesis that enable him to deflect bullets, to lift heavy things, and even his power of flight is basically telekinesis.

  4. I like the idea of the video game Mass Effect. Basically you have a “mass effect field”, in which the effect of gravity can be manipulated by electrical currents. Then there are special people who can install nodes in their body to generate this field using the human electricity. Sounds pretty plausible within the context.

  5. I’ve always wondered what would happen to the muscles of someone who relied to much on telekinesis (and flight for that matter.)
    Would their muscles atrophy due to lack of use?

  6. The problem with telekinesis, the problem with a number of superpowers, is the energy source. It will still take energy to lift the bus. Also where is the opposite force applied. I also worry, as a writer, that telekinesis can too often be used as a get out of gaol free card. Maybe to keep a telekinetic power interesting it should have a specified down side. What if the energy use drains the user completely. Or the forces applied actually cause damage to the users brain so limiting how many times they would want to use the power. Maybe it could even destroy the users moral compass. Also what happens if the telekinesis is activated by subconscious thought as well as directed thought. Imagine a telekinetic having a nightmare.
    Love to hear your thoughts

    1. It seems to me that the use of the power might drain away your ability to move your limbs. The brain power and energy that would typically be used to control ones limbs is now being transferred from the body to move the object at hand, the user then being left with nothing to control their physical being. Food and rest would be needed to replenish this ability. Also, like you mentioned about the brain, as certain parts of your brain become stronger, other sections become weaker. It is scientifically proven. It seems to me that actually using telekinesis, easily the strongest most powerful part of your brain to use, would make a persons other senses grow dim, such as the ability to see and process information. So far that makes the side effects of this power: loss of body control, great fatigue, dimmed senses, and stupidity (in the scientific sense, not the middle school playground sense). Now one starts to wonder… Would this really be such a great power to have?

      You raise an excellent point, my friend. Thank you for making me think today! 🙂

  7. Your description of telekinetic is very detailed. Although in work of fiction, usually it is limited to what the TK user could see with their naked eye. Sometime, there is also another limit: the weight of the moved object must be equal or less than TK user weight (If there is no limiter, then it would be very powerful)

  8. I had never thought of telekinesis in such a complex way, and you have opened my eyes. Now knowing what that could do, I’m not completely sure I would want that power. I might scare myself. Thank you for following my blog! I hope to follow yours as well 🙂

  9. Telekinesis is in my writing. I’m probably inspired by The Great And Powerful Turtle from Wild Cards.
    My superheroine Holly has a form of telekinesis that is an extension of her super-strength. As for how it looks, think of the great Steve Ditko’s Shade the Changing Man. This teke allows Holly to get a good grip on army tanks when she wants to bench-press them. Superman is strong, but how’s he gonna lift a battleship without ripping off hunks of armor with his puny human-size hands?

  10. Thanks for liking my blogs and following me I would love to have telekinisis like Raven from The Teen Titans.

  11. This is one of my most favorite abilities but unfortunately the people who use them in books are either studiedly overpowered or cant bloody well think of any cool way to use it. Flight, blowing people’s heads off, cutting, fusing skin, but all they can think about is tossing somebody across the room and wondering about how to kill them.

    My favorite character with telekinesis is Sylar out of Heroes.

  12. Ever since I watched Teen Titans as a child, I thought telekinesis was the most useful superpower. It is so versatile and powerful. If I could have any power though it would be time control. I’m a big fan of living forever. 😉

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