I have noticed in several works of fiction that some superheroes have encounters with mysterious organizations that have antagonistic intentions toward them. The motivations of these syndicates are varied, but considering the greed and lust for power these people would have, I can imagine that an organization like this would be interested in capturing the superhero. Because of the inhuman abilities a superhero displays, this organization would want to exploit those abilities for either genetic engineering or weaponizing the superhero’s powers. In the first volume of my series, the Young Guardians have an encounter with one such syndicate, but the syndicate’s motivations remain a mystery throughout the entire series. What is known is that the leader of this organization is the main villain of the entire series, whose true goals and plans are equally mysterious.


  1. Seen a few good spins on this as well: Matthew Reilly likes to do scenarios where opposing special forces are all squabbling over the same extremely powerful artifact/location/person. Therin Knite’s Echoes has two secret agencies fighting over the same genius.
    Sounds like your tale would be fun, but don’t the heroes uncover at least a part of the puzzle by the end of part one? They don’t capture a member of that organization for example? No finding even a single lead or tantalizing loose end?

    1. They are abducted by this organization, but later escape. When they notify the police of the location of their base, the leader destroys the base and all evidence of its existence. In the second volume, the organization tries to take advantage of the chaos created to abduct them again, but fail. However, in the second volume, the Young Guardians discover the name of this organization and a part of its true nature.

  2. Shadowy organisations have been a staple of the genre for a long time. They go back to pulp era stuff like The Shadow. Then you get the likes of Hydra appearing.

    I have, obviously, got a shadowy organisation in my work. Like I said, it’s a genre staple, but hardly limited to this genre. My urban fantasy has a few shadowy organisations. My sci-fi has conspiracies aplenty and mysterious agents moving behind the scenes.

    It’s all good stuff for building suspense and giving a powerful hero an enemy which can provide a graded threat without feature creep.

  3. Grady, I saw you do a few likes for my blog about my superhero Holly Hansson. So I just bought your first Young Guardians book. I look forward to reading a good superhero story.

    My stories will tilt toward comedy. (I’m working on one now, which is why I am not reading your story quite yet.) I like to laugh. But I think down the road, a shadowy organization or two could be fun. Maybe human-looking aliens who want to change Earth’s atmosphere. You know, the old “Die gasping, human scum!” thing.

    P.S. Okay, I peeked at your story. I like what I see so far!

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