I recently developed an interest in Attack on Titan and when I first watched the anime, I was caught off guard of how violent and dark it was. When I watched the titans devouring human beings like Snickers bars, I had an epiphany. Being devoured by a monster that is apparently inhuman, such as the xenomorphs in Ridley Scott’s Alien, is gentle. What is truly frightening is being devoured by a monster that has a human likeness, such as the titans. I watched the entire first season of the anime and started reading the manga and despite the dark atmosphere I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the revelations of the ever-mysterious nature of the titans, such as the titan shifters. In addition, I liked the realistic reaction human beings would have when they face an enemy that they cannot understand or defeat. The opening sequence to the first story arc of the anime is one of my favorite anime openings due to its fast-pacing lyrics and epic tone. I would recommend this anime to anyone who is searching for a story that keeps you constantly guessing on what will happen next.


  1. For me, the dark atmosphere and the intense amounts of violence is why I don’t care for the show. I would have liked it a whole lot more if the violence could have been lessened. Chapter 55 definitely went overboard on that account and I really can’t stand Levi and his partner. Still, I do like the Junior High spinoff from Attack on Titan

  2. Honestly, the show gave me nightmares the first time I watched it (I’m quite the scaredy cat at times), but my friend insisted that we keep going and I’ve now overcome most of my discomfort with the violence because the plot, characters, and world are so intriguing. I’ve seen the entire first season in Japanese, am currently working my way through the English dub, and plan to get to the manga once I’ve finished a few series I’m in the middle of.

  3. This is the best anime I’ve seen in awhile. I heard that they are developing are barely developing a second season because they were caught off guard by the success it has had around the world. Also, heard that someone bought the movie rights for a live action movie.

  4. This is one of my favorite anime. Yeah, it’s dark, gruesome, and a bit horrific, but the characterization is what I think really makes it stand out.
    The series is thought-provoking, as well, because it raises the question of what people would actually do if they were ever confronted with an enemy so horrific that even trying to defeat them is a doomed venture. In my opinion, it’s much better than anime like Bleach or Naruto–at least from a plot/characterization perspective.

  5. I have known about this anime since it released, but only started to watch it about two weeks ago. It is very good and don’t know why I didn’t watch it before. It had come out as too violent and a pure action anime when I saw the trailer and a few clips of the battles. But after watching it it is far more than just action.

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