As I write, I often wonder what qualities make a great superhero team.  Every member of this team is unique in their own way and fights for their crusade against evil for their own reasons.  When creating Patrick, I wanted to create a character who always wants to do the right thing and is motivated to fight evil, but at the same time is conflicted by his own inner darkness as he struggles to gain redemption.  With Tinisha, I sought to produce a character that was highly experienced, but also hungry for knew experiences as well as have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings between darkness and light.  Joshua was the type of superhero who always wants to see evil punished in the end no matter the cost and his short temper makes him ferocious in battle.  As for Derek, I wanted to create an intelligent superhero who is an excellent problem-solver, but is basically the kind of person is along for the ride.  Gregory is an individual who has strong empathy towards those around him and fights evil for the sake of everyone he encounters.  With these characters and their unique traits, I was able to create a group of characters who are all compelled to confront the forces of darkness and have to work together in order to reach their common goal.


  1. This is a good observation. As my “team” is coming together, there are initial conflicts between characters as well as inner struggles. The best teams in fiction have a degree of “creative tension”. Part of the growth in the story may be how that “creative tension” is resolved an harnessed.

  2. Good job! Balancing a team can be difficult … almost as difficult as finding the right bad guy(s) for them to go up against.

  3. Great post. I think you’re right, every member of good team needs to have their own unique qualities that contribute to the overall unity and personality of a Superhero team.

  4. Thanks for the follow, and good luck with your blog, and your writing.
    Derek is a great name for a superhero. In England, Derek is considered to be a bit of a nerdy name, so it would be amusing to the English.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Your points are so relevant to creating any team or writing any balanced story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and visiting Homeflair:)

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