I have always loved anime and manga ever since I was a child.  There are three reasons for this.  First, the art style required to create anime and manga is so unique that it always keep a person hooked into how the characters are portrayed.  Second, while traditional storytelling only demonstrates a limited view into the human creativity, anime and manga can go even deeper and show the audience things that a normal person would not normally imagine.  Third, writers and illustrators of anime and manga often think outside of the box and are not limited in their thinking whenever coming up with a story or characters.  I love anime and manga so much that ever since I started writing my series, I always envisioned them to be converted into anime and manga format, preferably in the style of either Bleach, Sword Art Online, or Attack On Titan.

26 thoughts on “GENRE: ANIME AND MANGA”

  1. I hadn’t seen any anime to speak of before college, when I was introduced to Ranma 1/2, which is a heck of a series to use as introduction to a genre. (This was in pre-Internet days when there wasn’t anything to warn me what I was getting into.)

  2. I’m a big manga reader/anime watcher myself, and I always envision my stories as anime too. The over-the-top cinematic nature of so much of the genre — especially stories involving magic — has always inspired me. Also there’s some fantastic body-horror out there.

  3. I haven’t gotten much into manga, but I do enjoy anime … when I can find ones that don’t use flashing lights for special effects.

    1. Interesting you should ask. I love Bleach, Sword Art Online, Spirited Away, and The Wind Rises. Most recently, I have started to develop a fascination for Attack On Titan. If my books were given the opportunity to be converted into a graphic novel or cartoon series, I would like it be anime and manga.

      1. XD COOL!!I LOVE SOUL EATER!!My other interests are Black Butler,Inuyasha,Clannad,and Toradora.I have read the first book of Attack on Titan.It was interesting.Maybe I should try watching the anime.

      2. When I watched the anime of Attack on Titan, I came to a realization. Being devoured by an apparently inhuman monster, such as in Aliens, is benign. What’s truly frightening is being devoured by a monster that has a human likeness, such as the Titans.

      3. And we still don’t know what the Titans actually are or what their true nature or purpose is. I’m getting impatient to find out.

      4. Hmm..yeah..Meh..I’m sure I’ll probably get impatient too when I get around to watching it.When I found out you liked anime I was surprised.I’m glad that someone on here likes the kind of things I like.

  4. Anime and manga are so underrated. I feel like people don’t watch it because it’s not what they’re used to, but more people should really give it a try.

  5. Hi, I wan’t aware of either art form until my niece got into it. I never gave it much credence, much like comics, I lumped them into cartoons, and for kids. I may take another look. Thanks for sharing. And many thanks for stopping by my blog and hitting that Follow button. I appreciate it.

  6. I’m that one guy you know who likes anime and manga but not really many of the popular ones. My favourite anime are Paranoia Agent and Mushi-shi, two animes with small but loyal fan bases. I’ve never been much into shonen, the only one I could tolerate was Fairy Tail, and I got bored of that eventually. I think the most popular anime I’m a fan of is Baccano!, lol. And Digimon, but hey, that’s back before I even knew what anime even was.

    On another note, anime is one of my favourite things yes, but it can also bring out some of the worst and lacking creativity of humans. It has as a weird fascination with f’ed up family relationships and is still one of the most sexist things out there at times.

  7. Grady, I would first like to say that I think it’s awesome that you are fighting the stigma that sometimes comes with Autism. You are proof that these things aren’t restriction but can actually inspire.

    I’m also an author and would love for my future works to be adapted into manga or anime! I’m currently watching Attack on Titan and Black Lagoon. I will have to order your books and read them, they seem pretty awesome!

  8. I agree with you but I’m more on the storytelling part and next is the art style. I’m more into manga than anime and I guess the things I personally consider to continue reading/watching a series I’ve started on is different for the two.

    Surprisingly, we have a lot of common favorite series! I like Bleach and Attack on Titan, too. Ghibli is another, though I haven’t seen Kaze wo Tachinu yet [my Ghibli favorites are Howl’s and Only Yesterday].

    Dreaming of living in an anime world had been one of my dreams, too. I got hooked into Naruto nearly 10 years ago and I had my share with fantasizing of living in Kirigakure and being a ninja but I guess I got over it in a while. It’s the same with not-getting-a-letter-via-owl-post-to-study-in-Hogwarts kind of moving on.

    I wishing you all the best with your story and the its future comic counterpart, by the way. 🙂

  9. I, too am a fan of anime and manga. I have been teaching manga inking and drawing classes to teens for about 10 years. I fell in love with the art style when my daughter was about 9 years old and I have been hooked ever since. I don’t get that much time to read and watch it, but I have watched a ton of Bleach, Inuyasha, Death Note, and Miyazaki movies. I love Coyote Ragtime as it is loosely similar to the story of A-Team which I grew up watching on TV and it is a short series. My students are always telling me about new Manga they are reading and it has definitely influenced my own art. So glad to to see so many comments from other fans!

  10. I love manga! I am currently reading Attack on Titan after getting hooked on the anime last year. I will be posting my thoughts on it once I am caught up, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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