I have done some thinking about what direction my writing is taking and I have figured out what my writing goal is.  After the main five volumes of my series are written and published, I will be doing a series of spin-offs, prequels, and so forth.  For example, I will be writing a trilogy about the origins of Tinisha Dolaira and the history of the fantasy world she comes from before it was destroyed.  Another example will be a prequel describing the origins of the main villain of the entire series.  In addition, I will be writing three superhero storylines that are unrelated to the Young Guardians, but exist in the same universe as them.  Two of these storylines will take place in the distant future while the third will take place in the late 1930s.  These are only a handful of the stories I plan to write in the future and my overall goal is to create my very own superhero universe like Marvel and DC Comics have done.


  1. Forgive my question in my last comment- I hadn’t read backwards far enough to see that this is real, that you weren’t just thinking out loud- that you are actually writing. Very Cool – thanks for liking my post – which led to me checking you out – which has me excited to read what you’ve written. Serendipity and all that 🙂

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