Neohumans are human beings who have had their inner abilities awakened by the Genesis Spell.  Each neohuman has their own unique set of superhuman abilities based on their own personalities.  As a race, neohumans have a number of traits in common.  For example, like high elves, they are immortal in the sense that they do not physically age, are immune to disease, and never die by natural causes, but they can be killed if the physical trauma they sustain is great enough.  To human eyes, neohumans are considered extremely attractive and are always at the peak of human conditioning.  When I was designing neohumans, I thought of what to call them, but I did not want to use names such as mutants or super humans because I found them a little cliche.  Unlike mutants or super humans, whose powers originate from either mutation or evolution, neohumans’ powers originate from magic.  So, I decided to call them neohumans because “neo” means “new”.  With this in mind, I thought of neohumans as the “new form of humanity”.  As I write, I imagine how such a species would live in a world populated by ordinary humans.

5 thoughts on “CREATURE: NEOHUMANS”

  1. I like ‘neohumans’ I think it is a far better classification than mutant or superhuman. It isn’t demeaning to any group. It simply makes the group different

  2. Neohuman is certainly better than mutant or superhuman. Any time I hear mutant, I think of Marvel. As I read this, I envisioned a subcategory, or even a synonym for Neohuman: The Awakened. Feel free to take that wherever you’d like! Look forward to checking out your work!

  3. I’d like to think of my little Aspie (kiddo with Asperger’s syndrome, or Autism Spectrum Disorder Type 1 since the DSM V), as a Neohuman!

    Really really really well written. LOVE your blog!

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