Written by Alan Moore, Watchmen invites readers into an alternate reality where superheroes exist.  Most of my life, I have known about the classical superhero who has a strong moral compass, but Watchmen introduces me to a new type of superhero that is morally ambiguous.  I enjoyed the character, Rorschach because he represented an individual who possessed zero tolerance of evil even in the face of Armageddon.  With Doctor Manhattan, I witness a person who wields unlimited power and immortality and as a result becomes detached to the mortals around him.  The villain is what I would categorize as a gray character because his intentions to unify the world were good, but the price he was willing to pay to make that happen was too high.  I enjoyed the complexities of his plan and the steps he took to make his goal a reality.  What this graphic novel shows its audience is that the world is not as black and white as most people think.  Instead, it consists of different shades of gray with individuals who are neither good nor evil, but in between.  I would recommend this graphic novel for anyone who is searching for an elaborate and intriguing story.


  1. Saw the movie, love the art. It is telling that the people who represent the unsustainable extremes (and therefore endanger their own goals) are the “super” “heroes”.

    1. I saw the movie as well. Even though I enjoyed it, I did not like that they changed Adrian Veidt’s plan to unify the world from a fake alien invasion to framing Doctor Manhattan.

      1. I watched the movie first and I couldn’t stand the ending then. I then read the graphic novel and the ending blew me away. The filmmakers should have trusted that the audience would be able to handle the complexities of Adrian’s plan in the Graphic Novel.

  2. This was the first graphic novel I ever read. It is a great introduction to the genre. Great review!

  3. Hello and nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog. Cool magazine cover:) Good Luck and may your Magazines take you far:) Happy Paddy’s Day.

  4. Great review! I am a long time fan of this book and movie and I love it for many of the same reasons you do. The grey area moral questions explored in the book are great and so are the characters. As a social studies teacher I appreciated the “alternate reality” predictions of how the 20th century would have looked with the existence of super heroes.

  5. Have to give this novel a try, I love weird shit!

    I love science fiction. One of my favorite anime is “Ghost in the Shell”, I definitely recommend you guys look it up!

  6. I haven’t read the graphic novel, but I did see the film. It’s the only film with superheroes that I liked. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, they all see silly to me, with their Three Stooges like violence. I liked the Watchmen movie because the violence was a bit more realistic.

  7. the reason the movie ending was changed was because the foreshadowing in the book would have given away the ending in the movie – or so I’ve read. personally I think they should have left it alone.

    I strongly recommend that you read “Preacher” and “Astro City” if you like comics that make you think and aren’t the usual same old cape stories

  8. I really enjoyed Zack Snyder’s film adaptation of this story. I think it’s his best work. Still haven’t gotten around to reading the original novel, though I’ve heard from absolutely everybody that it’s amazing.

  9. The graphic novel blew my mind. I’d read superhero comics, but nothing like that. Rorschach really stood out to me as an excellent anti-hero. There was a job to do, and he’d do it by whatever means necessary. That’s scary, but that’s the fine line Batman walks too.

  10. Have any of you read any of the “Before Watchmen” graphic novels? I’ve read the one about Night Owl and Dr. Manhattan. I just started reading the volume about Rorschach and the Comedian.

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